RSFW(Rising Star Faction Wrestling) is a new territorial E-fed. We operate out of the central Texas area as well as all of Texas and the rest of the mid south area.
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 Example: Ted

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PostSubject: Example: Ted   Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:52 pm

Name: Ted

Nickname: Deathclown

Hometown: Chicago

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 265

Age: 24

Associates:  Alana Allure

Career Highlights: N\A

Wrestling Style: Brawler, Shoot

Heel/Face: Face

Gimmick: A grey past, a revealed face, and a nasty streak in the ring.

Crucifix armbar
Dragon screw
Fireman's carry slam
Full nelson slam
Leg trap chokeslam
Multiple kick variations
Shoulder block
Snap swinging neckbreaker

Trademark Moves:
Knee Strikes to the Head
Cobra Clutch Suplex

Finishers: Laugh Now, Cry Later  (Ki crusher )


Entrance Theme:  

Intro Promo:
Who am I, why am I here? Those questions have followed me around this place since my arrival.  I'm Ted, just Ted is enough for you.  You all can see my face now, but most of you have not even caught on as to what I am doing here.  

I was signed to this promotion by Alana Allure.  I came here for ost of the same reasons other do.  Though I don't feel the need to prove who I am to anybody, she knows me and my brother knows me and that's enough for me.  The LOW needs to loosen up, you got all these guys running around, half roid up going crazy all trying to stick out there chests and prove who's the badest bad guy.

Come on this ain't the WWE and the attitude era is done.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm some knight in shining armor.  Don't look for a big red S on my chest, but I am a pretty light hearted and easy going guy, till you manage to piss me off or come sideways at my fam.  Then you are going to have a bigger situation than the whole Jersey shore, ya feel me?
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Example: Ted
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