RSFW(Rising Star Faction Wrestling) is a new territorial E-fed. We operate out of the central Texas area as well as all of Texas and the rest of the mid south area.
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PostSubject: ****All - Must Read -****   Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:30 pm

First, welcome and thank you for stopping by to check out Coast2Coast Wrestling. We are a new independent promotion(E-Fed) operating out of the central Texas area. With our shows taking place mostly in that area, and all throughout Texas and the surrounding area. As we are new, we are currently seeking applicants from all over the country and overseas. Our goal is to have a diverse group of talent from around the world as we all grow together. Currently there is a staff in place to get things started and they each have years of experience working for others and have joined forces to launch their own promotion. As we seek and sign talent we will be looking to deliver the best entertainment possible to our fans, we are going to build a show that keeps you locked in from start to finish.

Our plan is to be a bi-weekly fed that will require one role play/promo for each match for each of your characters. Segments to develop your characters are always welcomed, and staff will work with you on these if you need some help. We will have a fair amount of pay per view events as well. Titles will be closely associated with our roster size, the bigger we grow, the more we will have to fight for.

As we build toward our first show, we will be recruiting and signing talent. Staffing of the promotion has already begun, once we have at least 10 handlers we will put together our first card. At this time we would be looking to get our first show up after Thanksgiving.

We will post a template for you to follow as the minimum info we would need you to provide with your sign up. We will review your sign up and let you know if anything else is needed.

Our philosophy here is a simple one, come here, enjoy the show, have fun with your characters, and talk all things this fed or wrestling.... Very Happy
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****All - Must Read -****
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